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Hospitalization - Critical care

If it becomes necessary for your dog or cat to stay in our practice, you can count on your pet receiving a clean and comfortable environment, an accurate diagnosis, pain relief and prevention, a daily doctor examination, prompt treatment, and regular attention and affection.


Hospitalization is needed for sick or debilitated animals. In practice hospitalization allows for constant monitoring, ease of medicating, fluid administration if needed, ICU type treatment and good basic TLC.

Critical Care

Many medical diseases and injuries are complicated. Some are capable of changing rapidly thereby threatening your pet’s chances for recovery. These patients need to be monitored closely. At the practise we provide 24 hour per day critical care services for your pet in our intensive care unit (lCU). Your pets vital signs, heart rhythm, blood pressure, oxygen levels, electrolytes and sugar levels are just some of the health parameters that can be monitored by the veterinary. By identifying problems early, timely alterations in your pet’s treatment can be made before serious problems have a chance to develop.