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Passport - Identification

Travelling with a cat or dog is now much easier with the new EU pet passportt. All cats and dogs must have a passport containing details of a valid rabies vaccination. Until July 2008, Ireland, Malta, Sweden and the United Kingdom also require proof that the vaccination has been effective. Check for requirements after that date.

Pet travel...

1 - Passport
The pet passport provides many animal owners to travel abroad with the beloved family pet. Instead of worrying if you told ’Mrs. Figgs’ the right amount of food to feed the pet you can keep a safe eye on it yourself,it can be great for family photos on the beach,’this is the family on holiday, oh yes, and this is the dog too!’ You’ll be the envy of all your friends, and i’m sure that your pet won’t mind a week or two in a nice hot foriegn country with five star living style!

2 - Electronic identification - Microchip
Pet ID is the system that incorporates an implantable RFID transponder (microchip), which has a unique number programmed into its memory. The microchip is implanted into an animal, usually under the skin between the shoulder blades in a dog or cat, the owners details together with information about the animal is logged onto the central database.