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Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasonography is an invaluable and under-used tool in the diagnosis of many disease conditions. The use of ultrasound provides important information as to the nature of thoracic, abdominal and musculo-skeletal pathology, which may not be evident from other imaging modalities such as radiography.


* Polydipsia/polyuria
* Vomiting
* Diarrhoea
* Weight loss
* Ascites
* Palpable abdominal mass
* Dysuria, haematuria
* Dyschezia, haematochezia
* Endocrinopathies
* Soft tissue swelling eg foreign body, soft tissue sarcoma
* Lameness eg biceps tendon injury
* Hepatic encephalopathy
* Gynacalogical – pregnancy, pyometra, ovarian pathology
* Cryptorchidism
* Ocular disease eg retinal detachment, intra-ocular masses.

Ultrasonography can be used to perform ultrasound-guided procedures, such as cystocentesis, fine needle aspiration, and tissue core biopsies. The use of these techniques can reduce the degree of stress and discomfort experienced by the patient, compared to a more invasive technique such as laparotomy.